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More About Money Savvy Cats

What is Money Savvy Cats?

Piggybank next to a house

Today’s college students arrive at college with inadequate knowledge to handle personal finances. Texas State University's Money Savvy Cats program is uniquely qualified to address this problem.

Money Savvy Cat's primary mission is to improve the financial well being of Texas State students through education about personal finance, money management and credit management.  This mission is accomplished through the following objectives:  To --

  • Provide nonbiased financial information
  • Identify financial options
  • Use an educational approach
  • Provide peer-to-peer support

The guiding principle of the Money Savvy Cats program is the belief that the best way to reach Texas State University students is through students' peers.  Such students are dubbed, "Money Savvy Cats"!  As such, the program employs knowledgeable students who have been prepared to provide education and information to student clients.

Money Savvy Cats present educational programs on a monthly basis to the Texas State University students.  In addition, dynamic seminars are provided by invitation to students in classes, clubs, residence halls and other organizations on campus.

Money Savvy Cats have skills to assist peers in the complex process of financial decision making, and can work with them to –

  • Learn sensible financial principles.
  • Recognize how to establish and manage credit as a tool.
  • Understand credit reports and credit scores.
  • Compare future employer benefit packages.
  • Participate in premarital financial assessment.
  • Overcome financial indebtedness.
  • Identify and modify ineffective money management behaviors.
  • Develop successful strategies to achieve financial goals.
  • Develop a healthy outlook on money in relation to their spouse, family, friends, and healthy self-esteem.

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