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What is it?

CashCourse provides a new way to look at your financial education. This site offers learning modules and videos covering a range of different topics we need to succeed. The literature provided by CashCourse provides clarity on several important subjects we need to navigate college life.  

CashCourse dynamic content includes resources that provide optimal money management skills for college students in areas such as:

  • Financial Basics
  • Paying for College
  • College Life
  • The World of Work

How Does it Work?

By creating an account through CashCourse you gain a multitude of financial information covering budgets and credit and much more! 

  • Simply follow the link above to the CashCourse homepage to create an account.
  • Follow their easy steps to unlock the tons of information they provide for free for students.
  • Once your account is created, take your time navigating the resources provided. 
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