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Money Savvy Cats

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Money Savvy Cats
Money Savvy Cats

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Video -- Crash Course: Personal Finances While At College



CashCourse provides financial education resources for colleges. It’s online, it’s free, it’s noncommercial, and it’s brought to you by The National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE®) – the only nonprofit foundation dedicated to improving the well-being of all Americans.

CashCourse dynamic content includes resources that provide optimal money management skills for college students in areas such as:

  • Financial Basics
  • Paying for College
  • College Life
  • The World of Work
Video & Audio
Video & Audio

Just the Truth About Finances

Video and Audio clips addressing financial and consumer topics specific to the Texas State University--San Marcos students and community.

NEW Money Management Materials Posted Each Semester!


Resource Center

A collections of resources which will have consumer make more informed financial decision.

Courses students most often say, "Everyone should be required to take!

Life changing elective!

CA 1341 (ECON 1303) Consumers in the Marketplace - An introduction to
consumerism. Topics covered will include: the consumer’s role in the economy; consumer
responses to the pressures of the economy (credit, inflation, and savings); and an analysis of
the largest consumer expenditures (housing, food, and transportation).

CA 3341 Family Finance - Study of family financial management during different stages of the family life cycle at various income levels. This course is an excellent introduction to personal finances and includes goal setting, cash management, credit, insurance, taxes, housing, investment alternatives, and retirement plans.


Interested in a career relating to consumer financial education?

B. S. in Family and Consumer Sciences
- Consumer Sciences Option

  • Minors in any subject area offering a minor!

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What is Money Savvy Cats?

This website is brought to the Texas State community through a collaborative effort between the Family and Consumer Sciences Program faculty, PACE, Student Affairs and Financial Aid and Scholarhips.

Many thanks to the Vice President of Student Affairs Office and Financial Aid for continued support!

For more information:
Dr. Kim Davis, PhD, NCC™, AFC®
Family and Consumer Sciences Program
Phone: 512-245-8489