SA/PPS No. 06.01 Conducting Outdoor Musical Events During the Evening Hours




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Conducting Outdoor Musical SA/PPS No. 06.01

Events During the Evening Hours Issue No. 1

Effective: 10/27/04

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01.01 The purpose of adopting this policy regarding outdoor evening musical events on campus is to assure that reasonable expectations are met for the university to be a good neighbor in the local community.

01.02 These policy guidelines apply to the university’s students, faculty and staff, as well as off-campus individuals or groups wishing to schedule outdoor musical events involving amplified sound during the evening hours on the university campus.


02.01 University community members or off-campus individuals planning outdoor musical events at the university must adhere to the following guidelines:

A. Persons wishing to schedule outdoor musical events or other outdoor events which are held on campus during the evening hours and which include amplified sound must register these events a minimum of 30 days in advance of the scheduled event date. Event registration forms are available in the Dean of Students

Office, 5-9.1 LBJ Student Center and the Campus Activities Office, 4-11.1, LBJ Student Center. (See Attachment I)

B. Outdoor events that feature music or other amplified sound presentations scheduled on campus on days Sunday through Thursday must end no later than 11:00 p.m.

C. Outdoor events held on Friday or Saturday must end no later than 12:00 midnight.

D. Only the President or the President’s designee may grant an exception to these time parameters.


03.01 An event organizer must be identified for each outdoor event that falls under the scope of this policy. The event organizer will be the faculty or staff member who has primary responsibility for the planning and financial arrangements for the event. The event organizer will be responsible for completing the Outdoor Event Registration form.

03.02 In the case of a student organization sponsoring such an event, the faculty/staff advisor of that organization will be designated as the event organizer. In the case of an off-campus individual or group reserving space on campus for such an event, the off-campus organizer making the request will be identified as the event organizer and must submit an Outdoor Event Registration Form.

03.03 The event organizer of any outdoor music event must notify the University Police Department and the San Marcos Police Department 10 work days before the event is held.

03.04 The event organizer or his/her designee must be present for the entirety of the event. For all applicable university-sponsored events, the responsible person/designee must be a faculty member or a staff member.

03.05 The event organizer must distribute a notice of the event on campus and to areas potentially affected in the community a minimum of one week before the event is held. All postings must comply with the rules and regulations of any site chosen for the posting.

03.06 The event organizer must submit publicity materials to the Director of Community Relations a minimum of 10 days in advance of the event with the request that an event announcement be published in the local newspaper prior to the event.


04.01 The event organizer or his/her designee must respond to complaints received through the University Police Department, the San Marcos Police Department, university officials, or city officials.

04.02 The event organizer’s response will be consistent with the nature of the complaint(s), the number of complaints received, and the urgency of the complaint(s) as determined by the university staff working with law enforcement agencies on the scene. If the event is causing a significant disruption to the university or larger community, the event organizer will take whatever action deemed to be appropriate under the circumstances. Action taken can range from discussing the complaints with the performers to reducing the volume of the amplification and/or terminating the event.

04.03 Contracts with entertainers who come to the campus for outdoor musical events must contain language that makes it abundantly clear that the university reserves the right to adjust the volume of the amplification and to take other corrective action if the event becomes a significant disruption to the university community or larger community.

04.04 Nothing in these guidelines will prevent any individual from exercising his or her freedom of speech on the university campus. However, the university does reserve the right to take appropriate action regarding any activities held on campus, including musical events, if they significantly conflict with the educational mission of the university or if they cause a significant disruption to the university community or larger San Marcos community.


05.01 Major responsibilities for routine assignments associated with this SA/PPS include the following:Position

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Coordinator of Campus Review Aug. 3Y



The following individuals have approved this SA/PPS and certify that it represents university policy and procedure from the date of this document until superseded:

Mr. Tom Sullivan, Coordinator of Campus Activities, Senior Reviewer of this SA/PPS

Mr. Andy Rhoades, Director of the LBJ Student Center, Reviewer

Ms. Kim Porterfield, Director of Community Relations, Reviewer

Mr. Ralph Meyer, Director, University Police, Reviewer

Dr. John H. Garrison, Dean of Students, Reviewer

Dr. James D. Studer, Vice President for Student Affairs